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Institute of Communication and Media Studies - Communication Management

The University of Leipzig is one of the leading think tanks for strategic communication in Europe. The Department Communication Management at the Institute of Communication and Media Studies has a diverse team of seven professors and more than ten research associates in various areas of strategic communication, communication management, online communication and public relations - more than any other university in the German-speaking countries.

The Institute of Communication and Media Studies celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2016 and is proud to be the birthplace of the discipline in Europe. In 1916 economist Karl Bücher founded the Institute of Newspaper Studies at the Alma Mater Lipsiensis, founded in 1409 as the second-oldest university in the country. In 1993 the Institute was completely reorganized after the reunification of Germany.

Internationality and practical orientation

The Leipzig profile is characterized through international partnerships with universities in the United States, Asia and Europe, leading international research groups and journals, numerous guest lecturers and adjunct professors with years of practical experience and a close cooperation with top management levels of corporate communications in the German economy.

The Communication Research Triangle Ohio University - Leipzig University - Hong Kong Baptist University provide a unique platform for joint research projects in the major world markets and additional services for students, e.g. annual Capstone Classes in the US and China. The European Communication Monitor, the world's largest study of strategic communication (since 2007), and the Asia-Pacific Communication Monitor (since 2015) provide annual, empirically based insights into the status quo and development trends of communication management in more than 60 countries.

In the Academic Society for Corporate Management and Communication more than 35 global companies and other sponsors support research in the field of corporate communications. The Center for Research in Financial Communciation bundeles efforts in this fields. These initiatives are part of and the Günter Thiele Foundation for Communication and Management.

Leading innovation in research

The contributions of the Leipzig Institute for theory development are underlined by its numerous publications: More than 80 books have been published by the professors, including the seminal works "Handbuch Unternehmenskommunikation", "The Routledge Handbook of Strategic Communication", "Handbuch der Public Relations" and "Handbuch Online-PR: Strategische Kommunikation in Internet und Social Web". In addition, over 450 academic papers and studies in several languages have been authored. The editorship of the "International Journal of Strategic Communication" and the organization of international conferences, i.e. for mobile and organizational communication, furthermore highlight the role of the Leipzig Institute as a leading force in theory development.

Next-generation researchers also play an important role. This is proven by many successful doctoral dissertations - more than in all other departments of the institute - and by best paper awards and honors gained at international conferences.

There is a broad spectrum of research topics: corporate communications, communication measurement/evaluation, SME communications, nonprofit communications, online communications, international communications, mobile communications, corporate media/content strategies, reputation/brand/confidence, political communication, financial communication, and general public relations research. Competence centers for financial communication and non-profit communication offer options for research collaborations and knowledge transfer.

Attractive courses

The graduate program for Communication Management (Master's degree) has, since its launch in 2007, achieved first place in all rankings of German PR courses. Every year the course enrolls 30 students with first-class Bachelor's degrees from universities from the German-speaking countries. It offers an important stepping-stone qualification for a career in business, corporate and communications consultancies and/or for the opportunity for a gateway to academia (PhD programs). The duration is 4 semesters (full-time), plus optional internships or semesters abroad.

The Institute's undergraduate program, Communication and Media Studies (Bachelor's degree), provides high-school graduates a broad, basal qualification in theories and methods in the subject area. The subject field communicator research (Kommunikatorforschung) provides knowledge of communication management and journalism through lectures, theoretical, methodological and application modules over a total of 6 semesters (full-time). Integrated semesters abroad and/or integrated internships are possible. The degree enables students a start a professional career or apply for graduate courses in Leipzig or at other universities.

Executive master programs are offered part-time at the Leipzig School of Media in German in the fields of Corporate Media (Prof. Bentele) and Mobile Marketing (Jun.-Prof. Wolf) and in English at BI Norwegian Business School (Communication for Leaders; Prof. Zerfass).

Successful graduates and committed alumni

Since the mid-1990s more than 500 students have successfully completed their studies in Leipzig with a focus on communication management/PR - they now work all across German-speaking countries and internationally. Many of them are members of the LPRS Leipziger Public Relations Studenten e.V. - the largest student and alumni organization of the discipline with regional groups throughout Germany and in London.

Members of the department during the 100th anniversary of the institute on April 1, 2016, in front of the main building of Leipzig University, Neues Augusteum at Augustusplatz