Research Associate

Sophia Charlotte Volk is research associate and PhD candidate at the Department of Strategic Communication at Leipzig University. Her background is in the field of strategic communication and public relations. In her research on communication management, evaluation and measurement, and value creation through corporate communication she draws inspiration from organisation and management research. Furthermore, she is also specializing in the field of comparative communication research with a particular interest in comparative theory and methodology and the production of comparative knowledge within internationational research teams. In her doctoral dissertation she investigated the state-of-the-art of comparative communication research and the collaborative challenges of conducting international research projects by means of a systematic review and expert interviews. Methodologically, she likes to combine qualitative and quantitative approaches. 


Sophia Charlotte Volk, M.A.
Research Associate
Department of Strategic Communication
Institute for Communication and Media Studies
Faculty of Social Sciences and Philosophy
University of Leipzig
Post   IPF 165153 | Ritterstraße 24 | 04109 Leipzig
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International Communication, Communication Value/Measurement, Value Creating Communication, Corporate Communications

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