Research Associate

Rosanna Planer is research associate and PhD candidate of the chair for empirical communication and media research. Her research interests include digital storytelling, multimedia communication and online journalism.

She studies the double degree master’s program Global Mass Communication/Journalism (M.A./M.Sc., 2016-2018) at Leipzig University and Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, as well as communication and media research (B.A., 2013-2016) at Leipzig University. During her studies, she gained practical experiences in internal and external organizational communication.

Her dissertation aims at uncovering the production standards of digital storytelling formats of media organizations and wants to prove if current trends and innovations in journalism are reflected in that praxis.

Next to her scientific work she coordinates the double degree master’s program Global Mass Communication/Journalism which is offered together with Ohio University in Athens, Ohio.


Rosanna Planer, M.A./M.Sc.
Research Associate
Intitute of Communication and Media Studies
Chair of Empirical Communication and Media Research
Leipzig University, Burgstraße 21, D-04109 Leipzig
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Digital storytelling, digital longforms, multimedia communication, online journalism