Dr. Lisa Dühring, PhD, is responsible for the research project ‘Interfaces and Collaboration in Corporate Communication’ embedded in the ‘Value Creating Communication’ program of the Academic Society for Management and Communication.

She graduated from Leipzig University with a PhD on the relationship between marketing and PR research ("Reassessing the Relationship between Marketing and Public Relations. New Perspectives from the Philosophy of Science and History of Thought", Springer VS 2017). Before she has been a research assistant to Prof. Ansgar Zerfass from 2008 to 2014 and was involved in multiple national and international research projects as well as teaching master courses in the Communication Management program.

Her current research analyzes the cross-departmental cooperation between corporate communication and other departments such as HR, IT, Strategy, as well as other business units and international branches. The research project will analyze interdisciplinary way of working and a cross-divisional set-up of the communication department and focus on the possible design and management of these interfaces. It will also take into account different factors of influence like organizational structures, corporate culture etc.

Her further research interests lie in the fields of strategic communication, theory development, interdisciplinary research, PR history and critical communication studies.


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