External doctoral candidates

External doctoral candidates research part-time on issues of communication management and are supervised by professors from the respective field of study.

If you would like to apply to complete a PhD yourself, please address your request directly to the respective professor. Prerequisite for application are an honors degree in the doctoral subject (Communication Studies, Communication Management; also if applicable, Business Administration, Political Science, Sociology), an expose of the research project (research questions, method, schedule) and a CV with certificates of results and letter of motivation.

If you are interested in joining the team (doctoral fellow, part-time project related position) it is advisable to make a non-binding early inquiry before completion of the master's program.

Tatiana Belgorodski, M.A., MBA
Nutzen und Einsatz des Storytellings in der internen Kommunikation
(Betreuer: Professor Bentele)

Ronny Fechner, M.A.
Intereffikation von Journalismus und Medienarbeit als integraler Bestandteil der Organisationskommunikation: Fokussierung, Prüfung und Erweiterung eines Kommunikationsmodells
(Professor Bentele)

Ines Heger, M.A.
Energy transition and the perception in German newspapers: A discourse network analysis
(Professor Zerfaß)

Sabine Patsch, Dipl.-Sozialwiss., Dipl.-Betriebsw. (BA)
Strategische Kommunikation in industriellen Forschungskooperationen
(Professor Zerfaß)