Professional qualification in six semesters

The Bachelor's program Communication and Media Science at the University of Leipzig leads high school graduates within six semesters to a first diploma (B.A.) qualifying for a profession. It aims at the acquisition of competences, which matter for further studies (Masters' programs) as well as for an immediate professional activity in the professional field of media and communication. With that, the basics of career development opportunities and of capabilities in autonomous advanced trainings get created. Due to the good reputation of education and attractiveness of Leipzig for students, the study places are much in demand. Every winter term 90 students of more than 2.500 applicants are admitted based on a numerous clauses. 

You can find further information on the study course on the website of the institute.

Basic knowledge from empiricism to journalism

The study course conveys fundamental knowledge of the field and enables to responsible conduct. Students should become able to recognize media science issues and problems, to analyze them critically and appropriately with scientific methods as well as to find and balance solution possibilities. Key facts of the generality orientated B.A. study are basic questions regarding media and communication science, history and ethics of media, empirical media research, journalistic, book trade, media design and creation, research of media reception and appropriation, online communication as well as communications management. The subject fields are being systematically exploited in modules on principles of the field, theories, methods, research and applications as well as in the bachelor theses process. Individual choices are possible within the study. 

Like no other research-oriented university does the University of Leipzig not either a work oriented PR study course. The focus is on methods and theory mediation as corn element of every scientific study. To acquire professional practice and manual competences internships and study collateral activities are recommended. 

Access to the specialization of communications management and PR

The Bachelor study is an important prerequisite for a career start in communication agencies within the framework of a trainee program or a volunteering. Anyone who wants to qualify for management positions and responsibilities can take a Master study subsequently or after the first professional practice - for example the Master's program Communication Management. Obviously it is possible to switch to another university or to take another Master course like the Global Mass Communication Master with degrees at the University of Leipzig or at University of Ohio.