The department Communication Management gives companies, organizations and associations diverse possibilities for cooperations. 

Joboffers and Internships

We willingly publish your job advertisement (especially for graduates) as well as internship offerings in the field of communications management, public relations and online communication. All announcements are hanged out at the institute. Please send your announcements as an one-sided PDF document to the secretary. You can find current announcements hier.

For Master students three-month or six-month internships are best. Especially attractive are internships abroad as well as fields of application within a Master thesis can be written. As a basic principle only voluntary internships are absolved, so a reasonable payment considering the minimum wage law is premised.

For Bachelor students required internships in full time are possible totaling 8 weeks (February/March or August/September) or 6 month (from February till September or from August till March). A timely announcement is recommendable because there are a lot of offerings and students often make their decisions in advance to adapt their student planning. 

Research- and transferproject 

The chance for collaboration in a common project with an usage for practice and research methods are annually offered to 4 communication departments of companies, nonprofit organizations, politics e.g. A team of 6 to 7 sophisticated Master students, one PhD student and one professor are working together on a purpose from October till January. We start with making an excursion to our partner’s place and finish the project by elaborating a project report based on  innovative and creative approaches (in German or English). A lot of DAX-/MDAX companies, Unicef, Greenpeace and others took already this chance successfully. 

If you are interested we ask you to contact us early by the head of communication in the first quarter of the year. We would like to give you further information.  

Studies, reports and support for research 

Independent and respectable scientific studies in the field of communications management and online communication are conducted by the researcher of the institute e.g. in cooperation with competence partners and media partners within the branch. For principals in politics, economy and associations scientific opinions like benchmarking analyzes, strategy reviews and project evaluations are customized.

You are welcome to discuss your ideas for research projects on subjects you want promote or on subjects that are able to push you forward as well as your requests for opinions non-committally with our professors. 

Keynotes, lectures and workshops

Professor Zerfaß, Jun.-Professorin Wolf and Professor Bentele are often invited to “impulse contributions”, debates at strategy conferences, executive board presentations and team workshops at companies/organizations as well as professional conferences. As a basic principle we stand by willingly in German and English language or international as well. 

Please direct your request timely (several months in advance) to the professors for that just a few appointments can be performed every year. The key data is generally agreed personalized.