LPRS - Leipziger Public Relations Studenten e.V.
c/o Universität Leipzig
Lehrbereich Communication Management
Burgstraße 21
D-04109 Leipzig

Gina Cimiotti

„Don’t nag, take action!“

According to this motto seven PR students founded the non-profit association LPRS - Leipziger Public Relations Studenten e. V. at the University of Leipzig in Juli 2004 with the objective to make a sustainable contribution to the improvement of student future prospects .

With a wide range of own events like the “WISSENschafftPRAXIS” series, the “PR-Salon”, the “LPRS>>Workshops“ and the legendary alumni and branch meeting “LPRS>>Forum” the association extends the university courses since then. 

Practical orientation

The LPRS e. V. arranges internships, degree theses and career starts, collects aid money from economy, extends the teaching courses and increases the study’s reputation as well as the students’ reputation. A cycle that creates growth and added value in various ways. 

Beside the results, the association work itself plays an important role: event-management, press work, sponsoring, to lead one team or the entire organization – that all can be checked out at the LPRS e.V. 

Lively association with alumni and promoter of the economy

Based on seven student founders the association has become a lively association with more than 80 active members and more than 150 alumni: students, alumni, researcher, representatives of business and beneficiary companies. The demand of its work and engagement finds expression in its claim: “Greater knowledge, greater competence, greater capabilities”.

>> Greater KNOWLEDGE: With the organization of additional events (presentations, workshops and so on) the LPRS e.V. is continually expanding its offering of PR content at the University of Leipzig and is giving an insight into other fields of knowledge. 

>> Greater COMPETENCE: The LPRS e.V. builds up and expands networks between students from Leipzig and Europe, graduates of the specialist area PR and industry representatives, it promotes communication, the exchange and the mutual understanding. 

>> Greater CAPABILITIES: The active collaboration within the LPRS e.V. builds a bridge between theory and practice. Students experience PR practice and teamwork.