The research and education in individual subject fields is made possible by the support and a content-related exchange with partners from economy. Longstanding cooperations are with:

Fink & Fuchs AG, Wiesbaden

As specialist in communication of innovations as well as in technology and enterprise change the owner-operated communication agency is one of the quality leaders in Germany. An intense collaboration with Professor Zerfaß and his team exists since 2006. The strategic partnership of competence includes research and teachings in the field of innovation and online communication as well as in the subject field of mid-sized communication. So far three PhD bursaries have been promoted and five larger, much-noticed study projects have been accomplished together. Moreover the executive spokesman Stephan Fink has been working as visiting lecturer for online communication. More information on Fink & Fuchs AG.

Hering Schuppener Communication Consulting, Düsseldorf/Frankfurt am Main

The leading communication consulting in strategy, finance communication and mergers & acquisition in Germany is closely connected to the department since the 90s. Several PhD bursaries have been promoted successively by Professor Bentele. Furthermore company founder Bernd Schuppener has been working as visiting lecturer and honorary professor in Leipzig for some time past. After teaching finance communication at first he now teaches ethics of communication. More information on Hering Schuppener.

Lautenbach Sass Communication Consulting, Frankfurt am Main

The partner-owned consulting specializes in the management of communication with distinctive expertise in communication controlling and value creating communication. The consulting areas include research & analysis, strategy & positioning, organization & processes as well as controlling & reporting. The founder Dr. Jan Sass and Christoph Lauterbach are working together with Professor Zerfaß on expert opionions, workshops and publications. More information on Lautenbach Sass.

buchele cc, Leipzig

The consulting agency for communication controlling and strategic communication managements proves the benefits of corporate communications for companies as well as its control and improvements since 2005. In cooperation with customers, buchele cc develops measurable communication goals and comprising analysis and control systems with individual key performance indicators. Founder Dr. Mark-Steffen Buchele is alumnus and visiting lecturer at the institute since many years. He conducts the editing of the multilingual knowledge portal together with Professor Zerfaß and is steering group member of the expert group Communication Controlling within the International Controller Association. More information on buchele:cc