The Academic Society for Corporate Management & Communication is a joint initiative of leading companies and universities. Through joint research and knowledge sharing it aims to actively shape the future of corporate communications. The initiative was founded in 2010, and today is lead by six universities. In addition to the University of Leipzig it includes the universities of Muenster, Hohenheim (Stuttgart), Duisburg-Essen, Vienna and the Humboldt-University of Berlin.

The scientific lead lies with the professors Günter Bentele (Leipzig), Sabine Einwiller (Vienna), Claudia Mast (Hohenheim), Ulrike Röttger (Muenster), Joachim Schwalbach (Berlin), Stefan Stieglitz (Duisburg-Essen) and Ansgar Zerfass (Leipzig).

Nearly 40 corporate partners support the Academic Society. Their chief communication officers come together personally twice a year to exchange ideas – at the occasion of the Leadership Forum in spring and the Hermes Dinner in fall. Furthermore, the corporate partners support research projects and provide insights into their daily work.

Since its beginning, the Academic Society has carried out more than a dozen research projects. In 2015 it launched the world’s most comprehensive research program for strategic corporate communications – Value Creating Communication. In different research projects it examines the key challenges facing communication management today, such as digitalization, value creation and how to set up processes and collaboration.

The Academic Society is part of the Günter Thiele Foundation for Communication & Management.




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