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03 December 2015 (Thursday)

11:00 - Registration Opens

11:30 - Guided Tour to the Bibliotheca Albertina

13:30 - Welcome

Ansgar Zerfass, Institute of Communication and Media Studies, University of Leipzig
Ana Duarte Melo, Chair, ECREA OSC and University of Minho
Evandro Oliveira, ECREA OSC local organiser, University of Leipzig, University of Minho and University Rey Juan Carlos

13:45 - Keynote Speaker

Autocommunication as a Source of Change
Lars Thøger Christensen, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

14:30 - Break

15:00 - Papers session 1: Alternative academic approaches

Non-profit communication as a weapon of mass disruption
Nico Mouton and Rasmus Kjærgaa, Roskilde University, Denmark        

What is “good” government communication? A hermeneutical and critical perspective
Gisela Goncalves, University of Beira Interior, Portugal

The emerging field of Public Interest Communication
Jasper Colin Fessmann and Ann Christiano, University of Florida, USA

16:30 - Break

17:00 - Papers session 2: Health Organisations and Communication

Strategic Communication for Public Health: a research-action empowerment program
Ana Melo, Sara Balonas, Teresa Ruão e Manuela Felício
, University of Minho, Portugal       

Change communication on hygiene in and around a hospital ward
Susanne Kjærbeck, Roskilde University, Denmark (cannot be present due to sickness)

Managers use of communication channels and communication about strategy
Christian Kobbernagel, Roskilde University, Denmark (decided not to present)

17:40 - Short presentations session
(5 minutes)

Public information and communication for public participation
Alejandro Álvarez Nobell, University of Cordoba, Argentina
Isabel Ruiz-Mora, 
Sheffield Hallam University, UK

The Limits of Strategy? Monitory Democracy, Mobilization and Communicative Agency
Will Dinan, University of Stirling, UK

Development of Citizen Engagement in Turkey: Web 2.0 and Social Media Utilization of the Local Governments
Pelin Hürmeriç, Yeditepe University, Turkey (Cannot be present)

How important is civic engagement for public transportation communication?
Bruno Asdourian, University of Fribourg, Switzerland

Media Attention and Media Orientation
Sandra Jackobs, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands

On the Relevance of Corporate Strategic Communication for Military Organizations
Natascha Zowislo and Franz Beitzinger, University of the German Army, Munich, Germany

Short Presentation of the LPRS, Leipziger Public Relations Studenten e.V

19:15 - Visit of the famous Leipzig christmas Market - Meeting at the Institute entrance - Burgstrasse, 21.

20:30 - Get Together and diner at Thüringer Hof - Special Saxon Christmas Menü (also vegetarian possible)

04 December 2015 (Friday)

09:00 - Papers session 3: Religious Communication and International Networks

Strategic Communication applied to Catholic Church: the internal motivation factor
Sara Balonas, University of Minho, Portugal

Constructing Organizational Identities on the Web: A Case Study of the Presidency of Religious Affairs
Billur Ülger, Yeditepe University Istambul, Turkey
Gürdal Ülger, Maltepe
University Istambul, Turkey

The communication strategy of the European Journalism Observatory
Philip di Salvo , Università della Svizzera italiana, Switzerland

10:30 - Break

11:00 - Papers Session 4: NGO Communication

NPO Trust Navigator: Mapping Trust for Non-Profit Organizations         
Christine Viertmann, University of Leipzig, Germany

Environmental Non-Profit Organisations in Public Discourses
Anke Wonneberger, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands

The Role of Volunteers as Communicators and Multipliers
Antonia Hess, University of Leipzig, Germany  

12:35 - Lunch

14:00 - Strategic Communication: Challenges for Non-Governmental and Religious Organisations (Program open to professionals and scholars)

14:15 - The other logic to Non-Profit Communication and a model of four communication flows of NGO´s and Churches legitimation. 
Evandro Oliveira and Markus Wiesenberg, University of Leipzig

14:45 - Break

15:00 - Round Table about Non-Profit Communication

Kerstin Bücker- Head of Communications and child rights - UNICEF Germany.
Markus N. Beeko- Director Campaigns and Communications, Member of the Global Communications Group of Amnesty International
Matthias Kopp - Head of Public Relations Department, The German Catholic Church
Marco Vollmar Executive director communications and politics, member of the executive board of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)  
Michael Stahl - Head of the Media and PR, Lutheran Church, Germany - (For major reasons cannot be present)

Moderation: Christine Viertmann, University of Leipzig and Cornelia Wolf, University of Leipzig

16:30 - ECREA Closing Words

18:30 - Informal Get Together details TBA