Lisa Dühring M. A.

Research Associate                                                          phone: +49 341 97 35045
Chair in Strategic Communication                                     fax: +49 341 97 35049
Universität Leipzig                                                             duehring[at]
Burgstraße 21
D-04109 Leipzig                                                                Office: Room 3.02     

Consultation Hours

by prior appointment via e-mail.

Curriculum vitae

Lisa Dühring, M.A., (* 1982) graduated in Communication and Media Studies and Cultural Studies at the University of Leipzig and Université de Provence, France. March to May 2012 Visiting Scholar at the Waikato School of Management, Hamilton, New Zealand.

Internships and freelance in the fields of public relations, tourist marketing and EU consulting. November 2006 till August 2007 student research assistant at the Chair for Public Relations of Prof. Dr. Bentele. Since May 2008 research associate at the Chair of Communication Management and Public Relations and since 2014 at the Chair in Strategic Communication, University of Leipzig.

Research interests

Strategic Communication, Corporate Communication, Critical PR Theory, Relationship of PR with adjacent fields like Marketing and Organizational Communication, Philosophy and History of Science.

Teaching Experience in Master Communication Management

"Communication Controlling"

Research Projects with Vattenfall Europe, Scholz & Friends, PUMA

"Organization, Leadership, and Communication" 

PhD project

Reassessing the relationship of marketing and public relations: Perspectives from the philosophy, history, and sociology of science.

Publications and Conferences (peer reviewed)

Dühring, L. (2015) Lost in Translation? On the disciplinary status of public relations, PR Inquiry, 4(1), 5-23.

Zerfaß, A.; Dühring, L. (2014): Strategische Kommunikation - Zentrale Fragestellungen aus Sicht der Unternehmenskommunikation, in: Bruhn, M., Esch, F.-R., Langner, T. (Hrsg.), Handbuchreihe Kommunikation, Band 1, Wiesbaden: Springer Gabler.

Zerfaß, A.; Dühring, L. (2014): Kommunikationsmanagement als Profession: Strukturen, Handlungsfelder, empirische Befunde, in: A. Zerfaß & M. Piwinger (Hrsg.), Handbuch Unternehmenskommunikation, 2. Ed., pp. 163-189, Wiesbaden: Springer Gabler. 

Dühring, L. (2012): Concepts of Scientific Progress and their Implications for the Public Relations Discipline or "Knowledge for What?" Paper presented at the Annual EUPRERA Congress, Istanbul, Sept. 2012.

Dühring, L. (2012): Lost in Translation? On the Disciplinary Status of Public Relations. Paper presented at the Bledcom Conference, Bled, Slovenia, Juli, 2012.

Dühring, L. & Linke, A. (2011): Steering through turbulence – Developing a framework for managing social media communications. Paper to be presented at the EUPRERA Annual Congress. 8-10 September, Leeds, Great Britain. Winner of IPR Best-Paper-Award.

Zerfass, A. & Dühring, L. (2011): Between convergence and power struggles: How public relations and marketing communication professionals interact in corporate brand management. 14th Annual International Public Relations Research Conference, Miami, Florida, USA, March 9-12, 2011.

Süss, W., Zerfass, A., & Dühring, L. (2011). Corporate Branding im Spannungsfeld von Unternehmens- und Marketingkommunikation. Grundlagen, Fallstudien und empirische Erkenntnisse in Commodity-Branchen. Wiesbaden: Gabler.

Zerfass, A. & Dühring, L. (2010): Integrated communication and brand management - The struggle between public relations and marketing communications in commodity industries, ECREA 2010 - Third European Communication Conference, Hans-Bredow-Institut, Hamburg, 12.-15. Oktober 2010.

Dühring, L. (2010): The Relationship of Marketing and Public Relations viewed from the Perspective of Philosophy of Science, Presentation at the PhD Workshop of the Annual Conference of the European Public Relations Education and Research Association, Universität Jyvaskula, Finnland, 23.-25. September 2010.

Dühring, L. (2009): Coping with Complexity in the Context of Corporate Communication. Theoretical Approaches and Practical Procedures. Saarbrücken: VDM Verlag Dr. Müller

Zerfass, A. & Dühring, L. (2009): Evaluating the Acceptance of Corporate Publishing and Events. In: Jörg Pfannenberg, Ansgar Zerfass (Ed.) In J. Pfannenberg, J., & A. Zerfass (Eds.) (2010). Wertschöpfung durch Kommunikation: Strategisches Kommunikations-Controlling in der Unternehmenspraxis, 2. völlig überarbeitete Auflage  [Value based communication. Communication controlling in corporations, 2nd completely updated edition] (pp.  127-139.). Frankfurt a. M.: Frankfurter Allgemeine Buch.

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